In the realm of criminal defense in Gilbert, navigating charges of domestic violence requires not just legal prowess but also specialized expertise from a Gilbert DUI Lawyer.

At the forefront stands DM Cantor, a law firm renowned for its robust defense strategies and a track record that speaks volumes.

The Role of Board-Certified Specialists

Central to DM Cantor’s defense team are its Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists. With only 54 such specialists in the entire state of Gilbert among 19,000 licensed attorneys, DM Cantor boasts three specialists—the highest number in the state. This specialization is not just a title but a mark of deep legal acumen and experience specifically tailored to handle the complexities of criminal law, particularly in domestic violence cases.

A Legacy of Legal Excellence

Founded by David Michel Cantor, the firm’s journey into criminal defense began with a foundation in prosecution, where Cantor secured convictions in 30 jury trials as an Assistant City Prosecutor. His subsequent tenure at a prestigious criminal defense firm further honed his skills before establishing DM Cantor. In 1999, Cantor achieved Board Certification in Criminal Law—a distinction he has maintained for over two decades.

Unparalleled Trial Success

DM Cantor’s success is underscored by its impressive record of over 160 jury trial acquittals, a testament to their mastery in the courtroom. These complete acquittals, where clients are found not guilty on all charges, stand as the most by any single law firm in Gilbert legal history. This achievement not only highlights their trial expertise but also their commitment to securing favorable outcomes for clients facing severe criminal allegations.

Expertise Beyond the Courtroom

Beyond trial victories, DM Cantor offers comprehensive defense strategies that encompass preemptive measures to prevent charges from being filed or to have them dismissed entirely. This proactive approach is crucial in navigating the stringent legal landscape of domestic violence allegations in Gilbert.

Understanding Gilbert Domestic Violence Laws

In Gilbert, domestic violence charges encompass a range of offenses from misdemeanor assaults to felony aggravated assaults. The severity of these charges necessitates a nuanced understanding of legal statutes and possible defenses. DM Cantor’s team is well-versed in the intricacies of ARS 13-1203 (Misdemeanor Assault) and ARS 13-1204 (Felony Aggravated Assault), ensuring every defense is meticulously tailored to the specifics of each case.

Collateral Consequences and Defense Strategies

A conviction for domestic violence in Gilbert carries significant collateral consequences, impacting firearm ownership, professional licenses, and even housing and employment opportunities. DM Cantor mitigates these consequences by employing a range of defense strategies, including affirmative defenses like self-defense, defense of others, and crime prevention, all sanctioned under ARS 13-205.

Beyond Legalities: Client-Centric Approach

At the heart of DM Cantor’s practice lies a commitment to client welfare. Unlike firms that delegate initial consultations to non-attorney salespersons, DM Cantor ensures clients meet directly with a partner or board-certified specialist. This personal approach underscores their dedication to providing transparent and effective legal counsel during what is often a challenging and uncertain time for clients.


In the realm of defending against domestic violence charges in Gilbert, DM Cantor stands out not only for its legal expertise and specialization but also for its unparalleled success in the courtroom. With a legacy built on integrity, experience, and a commitment to achieving justice, DM Cantor continues to set the standard for criminal defense in the state, ensuring clients receive the robust defense they deserve against even the most serious of allegations.